Please send all Guest Comic Entries to:

Please include "Grand Line 3.5" and "Guest Comic Entry" Somewhere in the subject line.  It is preferable that the images be in a recognizable image format, like .png or .jpg format.  Please keep the Guest Comics at a reasonable size (as in, no wider than 1280 pixels).

Lastly, try to keep the theme to Grand Line 3.5.  Whether it's your own art or screencaps is up to you.  That doesn't mean that you have to stick to using images from One Piece, however.  As long as your guest comic has some connection with this web comic, it'll be fine.  That could mean as little as using a single cast member from the role-playing group to creating your own characters in a One Piece setting.

If you would like, you may include your own comments to go with your guest comic, which will be added to the description box.  You are also welcome to thrown in a link to your own Dev Art account, web comic, or other home page.  In fact, I highly encourage it!  ^_^